Dick Enos

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Dick Enos


Born in DM, grew up in Altoona, and graduated from South East Polk H.S. I cut my teeth on the likes of Mickey Spillane, Raymond Chandler, E.R Burroughs, Lester Dent, and Walter Gibson.

They opened my mind to worlds that both existed, and would never be, but it left me with a desire to tell stores of my own.  To take readers to those places, those times, and make them believe.

My first novel, Killer Kowboys from Space, did just that and began the career of Rick Steel.  When the world needs a hero, the world needs Rick Steel.  Set in the early fifties, Rick and his crew go anywhere, daring anything, in search of adventure!  Action, and Adventure at its best!

Lara Destiny, is my contemporary hero.  She was once NYPD, and born Larry.  She faces the trials, tribulations, and the triumphs of a Transgender woman, working cases on the seamier side of life in New York.

Self Publishing


Aspiring author, want to publish your favorite recipes, family history, or just want to see yourself in print? Author, Cheryl Corbin, will lead you through the steps in the process of self publication.
The presentation will be held at the Woodward Public Library, Saturday, Feb. 9th from 1-3pm
118 S. Main
Woodward, IA
$5 fee with library card, $7 without. Sign up by calling 515.438.2636, stop by the library, use the form below or email foundationwpl@gmail.com

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