Cheryl Corbin

The Woodward Library Foundation is pleased to present

Cheryl Corbin




Cheryl Corbin writes fantasy and science fiction adventures. She lives in Iowa and works with her writing partner, Yuki, a Bichon Frise, though Yuki spends more time sleeping than contributing to the story in progress. You can find Cheryl at

Malynda McCarrick

The Woodward Library Foundation is pleased to present

Malynda McCarrick

Malynda McCarrickMalynda started her writing career on her novel, Mystic Artistic, but that wasn’t the first book she published. It was her baby, she couldn’t get it right, she wasn’t ready to unleash it onto the world…even after no less than six rewrites. Her first published book was Ghosts, Gunman and the Grinning Cat, which she plotted, wrote, and completed during NaNoWriMo. The ease with which she was able to put together a novel in one month gave her the confidence to finish and publish the book with which she most identified, Mystic Artistic. Then came two more books in the series, Mystic Geek and Mystic Whispers. Malynda is proud to create characters that are awkward and cynical, especially when her readers tell her they can easily relate to those characters. To date, Malynda has thirteen published books, several in the works, and several ideas for future stories. So many ideas, so little time.

Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers

The Woodward Library Foundation is pleased to present

Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers


maggie-riversA Southern girl  born and bred, I began writing as a child, and sold my first piece of writing at the age of twenty-one.

Growing up  I spent as much time with  books as I could.  I still love  that first smell of a book as you  open its pages and the feel  of them in my hand.

Like most writers, my house is filled with  books I’ve read countless times.  I could open my own  library!

I collect stilettos and have them sitting on  every available space in my office.  They  tend to show up  in a lot  of my stories as does my micro- mini  teacup Chihuahua named “Mouse”.   Believe  me  though, she’s no mouse.  I should have named her “Killer” instead!

I write hot, sexy, sizzling romances where the hero is just what my heroine needs.  He’s strong and confident with  broad shoulders and six- pack abs.  His face is more rugged than handsome but he  has a heart of gold hidden underneath all his  protective armor.

Visit my website at:

Snus Hill Winery


Snus Hill is an award-winning family owned winery in rural Iowa striving to create wines with a regional identity reflective of the soils and climate using American and French-American varieties.

The quiet and peaceful countryside awaits you with pastoral views from expansive decks. A large banquet room with a dance floor is available for weddings, anniversaries, or private parties. In summer, enjoy the tree shaded lawns or sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the front porch while you savor one of our Snus Hill wines.


The Snus Hill Winery name is reflective of the family’s Swedish heritage and their love of cats. Snus is the name of John and Diane’s affectionate and beguiling tobacco brown Burmese cat. The cat got his name from an old Swedish chewing tobacco (Snus). The white cat on the labels was chosen to represent their platinum Burmese cat.

Wondering how to pronounce Snus? Just remember it rhymes with goose. As in, if you miss Read Between The Vines at “Snoose” Winery, you’re a silly “goose.”

If you’d like to know more about the venue for Read Between The Vines, you can visit the Snus Hill Winery website!


Friends ‘n Neighbors Day

In conjunction with Friends ‘n Neighbors Day, the Woodward Library Foundation will have Anthropologist Don Wirth speaking, from 1-3 pm, about Iowa Primitive Technology. The event will be held outside the library.

Meet the members of the Woodward Library Foundation and find out about the new contest we are sponsoring. It will be frozen fun for the whole family!

Central Iowa Archaeology

archeologyEver wonder who and when the first people came to Dallas County?  And why they choose to stay and live here?  How do we know?  Don Wirth will be telling the story of the peopling of Central Iowa and specifically this area.  He will also have several actual artifacts that these early people left behind.  Come join us at the library to learn about the first people in this area.

Saturday, April, 27th

1-3pm @ the Woodward Public Library

$5 with library card, $7.50 without

To register use the form below.