What is the Foundation and why is it necessary?
The Foundation is a non profit organization that was established in 1996 when the Library discovered that it was in accidental violation of state code. The Woodward Public Library gets its funding through public funds from the City of Woodward. If any budget item exceeds its approved limit, then the city is required to publish in all pertinent local papers an amendment to the budget making that publicly known. Publishing for amended budgets can cost several hundreds of dollars. Each year the Library would include a line item amount for “donations” even though there was no way of knowing what that amount would be. If a person donated money for a new book as a memorial, and that exceeded the amount listed, then the City of Woodward was required to go through the costly process of publication of the new “amended” amount. To allow for donations and also to stop costing the city money, the Foundation was created. Now anyone can donate to the Library and not have the city incur any additional costs. The Foundation’s support complements, but does not supplant the city’s responsibility for funding.

What does the Foundation do?
The Foundation accepts any monetary donations anyone would like to make to the Library. The person donating can then specify exactly what they would like their donation to be used for or if they do not have a specific request, the donation will be kept in the Foundation account to be used in the future for the benefit of the Library. All money donated to the Foundation will be used in its entirety for the Library. There are no “fees” of any type, no paid positions—it is run by volunteers from the community—all money goes directly to the Library and its intended use. It is illegal for Foundation funds to be used for salaries, operating expenses, or any expense that would normally be covered by the Library budget. Money given to the Library through the Foundation is required by law to be used for the “enrichment and enhancement” of the Library, its patrons, and its community. The Foundation’s support complements, but does not supplant the city’s responsibility for funding.

What have Foundation funds been used for?
*Large print Western books are bought through an endowment left to the Library by a patron.
*Non-specified money donated to the Foundation supplied the 25% matching funds
enabling the Library to apply for a grant that allowed the purchase of computers, printers, and software for public use.
*Fundraising events combined with donations recently purchased several new shelving units for both the adult and children’s book sections and the computer desks.
*The WILBOR Consortium is a state wide collection of audio and ebooks that participating libraries can offer their patrons for checkout, funded by a yearly subscription. The Foundation enabled the library to offer WILBOR to their patrons, by funding the entrance fees.

The Foundation and Library appreciate suggestions from the community they serve. Please feel free to share ideas with the Library’s Board of Trustees, the Director or the Foundation for the betterment of your library.

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