The Foundation

The Woodward Public Library Foundation is composed of volunteers from the community of Woodward, Iowa.

Kathy Bice & Gina Calonkey – Co-Presidents

Paul Mueller – Vice President

Gina Calonkey – Secretary

Donna Julseth – Treasurer

Sue Wilson

Investment Committee – Donna Julseth

Foundation Mission Statement

Serve all persons without regard to age, race, creed or color, and to ensure all the people the freedom to read and freely choose from all sources of information and knowledge.

Act as an information and reference center for the personal and public growth of individuals and of the community.

Preserve for future generations the history of Woodward, IA.

Cooperate with other organizations to make the Library a more positive community influence.

Provide a legal avenue for the people to donate property, money or other valuables to benefit the common good of all the people of the community and surrounding rural areas.

What have Foundation funds been used for?

*Large print Western books are bought through an endowment left to the Library by a patron.
*Non-specified money donated to the Foundation supplied the 25% matching funds
enabling the Library to apply for a grant that allowed the purchase of computers, printers, and software for public use.
*Fundraising events combined with donations recently purchased several new shelving units for both the adult and children’s book sections and the computer desks.
*The WILBOR Consortium is a state wide collection of audio and ebooks that participating libraries can offer their patrons for checkout, funded by a yearly subscription. The Foundation enabled the library to offer WILBOR to their patrons, by funding the entrance fees.


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