C. Deanne Rowe

The Woodward Library Foundation is pleased to present

C. Deanne Rowe

C.-Deanne-RoweA well written romance with  a heart wrenching plot, a song with  lyrics which touch your soul; nothing is more powerful.  The  only  way it would be  was if you  were on

a warm sunny beach with white sand and blue water as far  as you  could see.  I have always loved the power of words.  How they could make me  cry, laugh, or  provoke all range of emotions.  I wouldn’t be  who  I am  without words.

I learned to feel  good listening to songs which filled my heart.  I learned the meaning of love  watching all the good romance movies. Of course, there was sex scattered through the pages of the paperbacks I hid  from my parents.  Words have always been my friend, my comfort, my teacher. It was  only  logical I would grow up  and want to be  an  author, to spin a tale which would captivate readers.  My life journey has taken me  in this direction and I can  only  hope I don’t disappoint those who  choose to follow.

Visit Deanne’s website at: http://www.cdeannerowe.com

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