Malynda McCarrick

The Woodward Library Foundation is pleased to present

Malynda McCarrick

Malynda McCarrickMalynda started her writing career on her novel, Mystic Artistic, but that wasn’t the first book she published. It was her baby, she couldn’t get it right, she wasn’t ready to unleash it onto the world…even after no less than six rewrites. Her first published book was Ghosts, Gunman and the Grinning Cat, which she plotted, wrote, and completed during NaNoWriMo. The ease with which she was able to put together a novel in one month gave her the confidence to finish and publish the book with which she most identified, Mystic Artistic. Then came two more books in the series, Mystic Geek and Mystic Whispers. Malynda is proud to create characters that are awkward and cynical, especially when her readers tell her they can easily relate to those characters. To date, Malynda has thirteen published books, several in the works, and several ideas for future stories. So many ideas, so little time.

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