Marilyn Baszczynski

The Woodward Library Foundation is pleased to present

Marilyn Baszczynski



Marilyn Baszczynski lives in rural Iowa west of Adel with her husband, Chris, a career scientist and musician, along with their menagerie of pets.  She grew up in Ontario, Canada where she earned a Ph.D. in French literature. In addition to writing, Marilyn likes to spend time reading, gardening, teaching, tutoring and with her family.

Writing since childhood and largely inspired by living in the country, Marilyn finds her voice in connecting with the land and all who live there, and weaves these journeys into her poems; they have won awards and been recognized in various NFSPS and Iowa Poetry Association contests. Her poetry has been published in Abaton, The Aurorean, Lyrical Iowa, Midwest Poetry Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Whistling Shade, Sweet Annie & Sweet Pea Review and has appeared online at Loch Raven Review and Mused—the BellaOnline Literary Review, among others.

In July 2015, her book Gyuri. A Poem of Wartime Hungary, was published by Whistling Shade Publications. This work, based on the experiences of Hungarian refugees as well as her own parents, appears as the first volume in the Geste Series put out by Whistling Shade. In this narrative poem, Marilyn recounts a story of love and heartbreak, hope, loss and failure, set against the maelstrom of World War II.

Marilyn is currently President of the Iowa Poetry Association (since 2014) where she has been an active member since 2000 and webmaster of their website at She is coordinator and member of the Omega Poetry Group (Urbandale Iowa) and holds membership in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies.

You can find out more about Marilyn at


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