Bartenn Mills


The Woodward Library Foundation is pleased to present

Bartenn Mills


bartenn millsI can never remember a time when books weren’t part of my life. Every week I would go to the library and check out the ten book limit. Because the fattest books lasted longer they were my favorites. Librarians were those wonderful people who knew the best books. Surely books were magic and writers were magicians. Although I’d always written snippets of stories and shoved them under my friends’ noses – here, read this, it wasn’t until I was thirty that I realized that real people, average people who lived next door, wrote books. Even I could write a book.
So I joined Romance Writers of America, I read books on how to write, I went to conferences and entered contests, I stayed up late and got up early studying and writing. Then life sidetracked me with children and work. Quilting became my creative release. But after my children flew away I picked up the writing thread again and rejoined Romance Writers of America.
Old skills had not been forgotten but the publishing world had changed. As I entered contest after contest the scores were good but again and again I’d receive a mysterious NR in the comments. NR? NR? Not a romance. Not until I had a short story accepted in an anthology – Love in the Land of the Lakes and then read all the stories in one sitting did I see it. No, I wasn’t writing Romance. A writing friend introduced me to Sisters in Crime where they understood that sometimes you just have to kill somebody.
Not that I have abandoned romance entirely. Bishop to Queen’s Knight is a love story, there just happen to be dead bodies along the way. And Jane Vanilla needs to stop discovering murders so that she can find the right man.


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